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Why I am running for JCCC Trustee

I am running for JCCC Board of Trustees as a candidate who is passionate about public education at all levels.All of my education, from Kindergarten through post graduate, has been at public institutions. While many private institutions are excellent, these represent a portion of the educational opportunities that are needed to support a vibrant, economically strong and diverse community like Johnson County. Public colleges provide the greatest opportunities for the greatest number of citizens, including so many who have gone on to achieve amazing things academically and professionally. We have a great community college that should be a source of pride for all citizens of Johnson County! But there are forces who don’t share in that pride. Some view publicly funded education as an unnecessary expense – or worse. I see things completely differently. I view anything less than a top-notch, highly-ranked community college in Johnson County as a step-backward for our economy and our collective well-being.

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